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Single Women Littleton, Colorado, CO, Light Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes
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 Location:Join now to chat!
 Zip Code:80121
 Age:34, Capricorn
 Height:5 ft. 3 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Light Brown, Hazel
 Education:Some College
 Income:Didn't Say
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No

About Me
So, I'm going to be totally honest here, and if that gets me a few responses, then great, if not, that's cool too.

I recently moved to the Denver (Centennial) area.

I am going to put it out on the line. I am not a lawyer, doctor or anything like that. I am just some mid-twenties female trying to find out allot about her life. I won't lie and say I have it together and I have a solid plan. I don't. And that's okay ... I'm learning as I go along.

A little about myself:

Currently live w/ my Dad and his gf, whilst I save up some $$ (paying off student loans, etc.) ...
Work at Target ...
Attend ACC (Arapahoe Comm. College) getting my core classes over and done with, and then transferring to Metro. to get my Bachelors in PR or Journalism ...
Don't have a car, so I rely on public transport (it's really not that bad, trust me!) ...
Listen to any type of music (even a little country ... haha) ...
Fun to be around (I think, anyway) ... enjoy writing (my passion), music, concerts (I guess that'd be in the "music" category ), coffee, museums (anything to do w/ the arts), shopping (what girl doesn't?), drinks ... basically anything to have fun

Just looking to meet some people ... and see where it goes

Looks aren't a HUGE factor for me ... but there does have to be some attraction ... right?? So, that being said, I'd appreciate a picture with your response.

So here's my list *cringes*:

24 - 29 (I'll go as far as to say 30/31 ... but honestly, I'm looking for someone my own age). I know, is it lame to put an "age restriction"?? Well, I'm just being honest
Near to where I live (again, not that it's a HUGE factor but nearer is always better ).

And honestly guys, I'm tired. I'm tired of guys who think they are the sh*t and act like it (confidence is always a plus, but when you emphasize it, by stating that you're "hot", ummm no). I'm tired of guys who stand me up ... make plans, and don't follow through (if you don't want to get to know me, hang out, whatever, that's completely understandable, but ignoring me, is not). I'm tired of going out on dates, having a great time, and then not hearing from them ever again. Basically, I'm just tired.

I do ask that you only reply if you really do want to meet up, as I've gotten a few responses where we've basically just emailed back and forth and nothings happened. While it's nice to have a pen pal () seeing as I'm new to the area it would be nice to have a friend too

Really, I'm just looking for an attractive, honest, nice guy ... I mean, aren't we all??

If you'd be interested in meeting up for coffee, or whatever ... let me know.

Look forward to hearing from whomever!

*Disclaimer: For those who think it's "funny" to email me and tell me I look younger then my age, it's not. I've heard it all before "Wow, you look young ... blah, blah". I assure you I'm 24. So how about YOU act YOUR age. Thanks *

**Disclaimer 2: If you're only going to respond by sending me offensive pictures, please refrain. I'm not interested in seeing your @#$% ... no matter how "big" you might think it is. And, if that's the only thing you feel you have to offer, I'm not interested in getting to know you anyway. Thanks again **


Want To Find:A man ages 19 to 31 to date
I Like:
Coffee, concerts, country, dates, going out, hang out, honest, learning, museums, pictures, shopping, writing