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Single Women Atlanta, Georgia, GA, Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
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 Zip Code:30303
 Age:24, Pisces
 Height:5 ft. 6 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Dark Brown, Brown
 Education:Some College
 Income:$25,000 - $50,000
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No

About Me
Hello, my name is Ashley. I am a firm believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe he should be apart of every subject. I love my healthy, fit BLACK MEN, that are in love with the Lord, period! I want a black christian man, that was born and raised in GEORGIA. But if a man cant come to church, for the first meeting. Then we shouldn't be talking at all. Then Or the south period. I'm from the south, and I love my black COUNTRY men. I am currently a Healthcare Administration student, at Columbia Southern University - Online. I work at a Nursing Home, as a CNA, as well as guest services/receptionist at Sleep Inn/Main Stay Suites. The Lord tells us all to take the one that we are courting/dating. To church, and allow him to be the judge. Let our savior be the judge of our potential mate. Let Jesus into our lives; and allow him to have full control, over our speech and our own thoughts.
Although, I really get tired of being rejected whenever I ask to hold hands and pray, or even inviting a man to church. I feel like the Lord wants me to be still. I'm tired of being cursed out or talked about, because I mention our Lord and savior. I need a man, to be the man that God created him to be. To actually, approach me and engage in an intellectual and psychological conversation. Yes, women love intellect and words. We love conversation that keeps us intrigued and comforts us for hours. A friendship that only God could have blessed and ordained. I've never had the chance, to truly build true friendship. But why? Having friends, allows us all to live longer. It's the support system, along with your family. I only have support from my family. But the Lord has a reason for all of this. He always does! So, yes there is a reason for everything. Nothing happens just by coincidence. Everyone that is in your life, or not in your life is for a reason. A reason that only God can answer. Pondering in your thoughts, second guessing yourself, or having negative thoughts. Having negative thoughts about something, or a case that you have prayed over and handed to the Lord. Is never a good thing, (James 1:6), not believing or trusting in the unseen, Jesus. Or, not believing in your own intuition, the beautiful holy spirit that has been talking to you ever since you have been alive. Or the one giving you suggestions, on what the right decision may be. But as the Lord's children, we do have choices and everyday decisions to make. So, everyday we have a decision to choose the Lord, or our ultimate enemy, Satan. This is all just food for thought. So please be cool, calm, and collected. Sir, just relax and allow this to slowly digest in your mind, memories, and in your real life thought process. I need prayer for myself, as we all do. Sir, you cannot help anyone else, until you've helped yourself. It's the same as loving someone else, you can't until you truly love and appreciate yourself. Love yourself and our Lord, everyday. I was told that it's not normal, for me to walk alone. If that's all you know, then you really can't tell the difference. Your weird or peculiar when you are different. As christians, we are suppose to be like Christ. We are suppose to stand apart from the main stream crowd. Sir, please read, (Leviticus 19:28). Everything that I am saying, is indeed, intentional. People, everything is in the bible. Literally. As Christians we are suppose to live by the word, day by day. There's no need to add to the design that God made for his children. I constantly get stared at for some odd reason. It's not because I have on tight clothing, a big butt, tattoos, make-up, or crazy jewlery. It's because it's been a long time since people have seen a truly clean cut woman. A much needed accessory, a watch, (represents time management). Alot, of people fear those individuals; that may be different and call it ludicrous, or crazy. I call it beautiful, because it represents our Lord and savior, in my everyday walk. He is being represented by the way I dress, and tend to communicate with others. Sir, think about it. First date: I'll allow the Lord to decide. I have no say no. It's apart of his timing. All I know is what I've asked the Lord. The man is suppose to be the ruler in the relationship. Thats during the time, a woman learns to be submissive. Allowing the man to choose, how the date should be spent. Or where they should go. There's no man, to even begin to become submissive to. But that's all apart of his plan. We never know when or how he will intervene and change our lives around. Being still for the Lord, letting him take care of all your pain and hesitation. It's hard, that's why he gave us the holy spirit, to pray through it all. We should hand every case over to the Lord. It doesn't matter how big or small it is. I'm talking to myself right now as well. Self talk, crying a bit, and taking it to the Lord is everything. Pray for those in need. Phillippians 4:6-7 (PRAYER and SUPPLICATION)

Want To Find:A man ages 27 to 37 to date
I Like:
2-hour hardcore workout, 50's blues, 70's/80's r&b/soul, 80's hip hop/rap, art/historical museums, black history, BLACK MEN, camping, Carribean food, Christian music, church, communion, cruises, electric/acoustic guitar, fellowshipping, fishing, foreign foods, healthcare research, heathcare, hiking, historical monologues, Indian food, Jamaican food, Japanese food, live concerts, love of our Lord Jesus Christ, Mali music, meaningful lyrics, old school music, performing monologues, plays, prayer, rock climbing, running, science fiction, seventh-day adventist, site-seeing, swimming, Thai food, theatre, traveling, undeniable trust in the Lord, vegan foods, white-water rafting, worship our father Jesus, writing poetry, zip-lining
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