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Single Women Phoenix, Arizona, AZ, Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes
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 Location:Join now to chat!
 Zip Code:85001
 Age:37, Gemini
 Height:5 ft. 3 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Blonde, Brown
 Politics:Didn't Say
 Education:Bachelor's Degree
 Income:Didn't Say
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:Yes, living with me

About Me
While getting to explore an awesome new territory. Thank the Lord for cellphones! I love to dance, sing (horribly), workout, close sales, play on/ in the water, and cuddling is my favorite thing on this planet... hands down!!! ..Second to that, is dancing. If you were to pull up next to me at a red light, you will most likely see me dancing and jammin' out to some sort of rap music.. *shake what yo mamma gave yaaaaaa* hahaha... ... which brings me to my next point. I'm starting to notice that we live in a predominately narcissistic society. I have curves.... love 'em or leave 'em..... if you love 'em, please continue reading... *good boy*.. Now, don't go getting yourself all in a tizzy thinking that I secretly weigh 250 lbs---did you just go back and recheck my photos?! I'm 5'3" and I weigh 125 lbs. I know this because I weighed myself this morning. In fact, I'm probably standing on a scale, right now, as you are reading this... hahaha... jk....it's ok to laugh....All women do that!...I only bring this up because I thought we could get some of the physical "judging" out of the way now. My two best female friends are very tall and very skinny, and I adore them, so I'm not disrespectful towards skinny women. I can't help it if sometimes I want to feed them a hamburger.. hahaha... again, kidding. I absolutely loathe the fact that I even had to "go there", but... let's call a spade a spade... We are pretty much checking out each others' photos at this point..right?!. Just think of me as a "mutt". I'm 49.5% girlie and 49.5% tomboy. 1% a "girlie tomboy". (Ex. We are out hiking, sweating, enjoying a great hike...and then...all of a sudden...we see a snake. Snake = Jenee turns into a "girlie tomboy"! Bwahaha ..OK, alright, enough joking around.. time to get serious.. (But seriously... I hate snakes...yep...just used the word "hate").... At age 34, I can guarantee this---- I love to be in love, and enjoy sharing a lot of time with my "someone" ---copious amounts of time actually. I am truly excited to be given the opportunity to positively change the course of someone's day/life.. In other words, an "us against the world" mentality...if you get my drift?! I want kids, I want a non-smoker, and I want someone who can be a chameleon. Let's work hard and play hard! I grew up in the South, lived on the east coast, and now Scottsdale, so.... yes... I think it's time to start setting up shop here Thank you kindly for reading this...I'm super excited to read about your life now you saucy minx If you are interested in gettin gto know me, Leave me a means of communication and i will get back to you.

Want To Find:A man ages 30 to 42 to date
I Like:
casinos, closing sales deals, donating, eekends hanging out with my fo, Hammocks, high heels, hugs, ore muscles after a tough work, ouchdowns during football game, reassurance, The Food Network

My Gifts
RoseHeartTeddy Bear