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Single Women Kitchener, Ontario, Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
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 Zip Code:N2H 6P7
 Age:37, Virgo
 Height:5 ft. 6 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Dark Brown, Brown
 Politics:Didn't Say
 Education:Bachelor's Degree
 Income:Didn't Say
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No

About Me
I'm skeptical of online dating, but here goes . . . . I won't tell you that I like having fun, walks on the beach, and traveling. You've probably read hundreds of such profiles that really tell you nothing about the person. Instead, I will give you a peek into my unique personality. If you spend the next minute reading my profile, you will see that I am not right for everyone, but I may be a great match for you. My quest to find a great match brings us together for the next minute or two . . . and, just maybe, for the rest of our lives! I can make you smile because I am just as appealing on the inside as I am on the outside. You are about to meet someone who can be your best friend and lover. Do you want to meet someone who is passionate about life? My friends say that I am going to make someone very happy. If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I am just an average person looking for the same. I firmly believe that happiness makes the world go 'round. My life motto is: it's never too late to live happily ever after. Physically, I think my best feature is my . . . well, you'll find out, and when you do, you will love it! Mentally, I think my best attribute is my enlightenment. I know that I am not perfect, but good luck finding someone better than me! If I wanted to impress you, I would listen intently to what you have to say. If I were to compose a list of the top ten reasons to date me, one of them would surely be that I am very warm and loving. My job is stressful but rewarding. On my days off, my first priority is usually shopping. My biggest fault is that I am If I had my life to live over, I would take more time to enjoy my friends, family, and life in general. My approach to life has been primarily influenced by my life experiences. My foremost long-term goal is to discover ways to become happier. I am generally happiest when I am with someone I love. I am most proud of my honesty. The best relationship that I had in the past ended because my partner cheated on me. My last relationship ended because my partner lacked depth of emotion. After a relationship ends, I usually contemplate what went wrong and think of how to prevent it from recurring. In my opinion, the best thing about a long-term relationship is the sense of companionship it can provide. My last date was several months ago. My eagerness for my next date can be best described as I'm genuinely looking forward to it. I wish that men would realize that women can be just as logical as men. If you think that I sound appealing after reading this profile, then what are you waiting for? Contact me!

I am looking for someone who is very intelligent, good-looking, interesting, and very successful. He should be friendly, tender, loving, kind, easygoing, affectionate, pleasant, caring, considerate, compassionate, helpful, attentive, responsive, reserved, and sincere. I also value cheerfulness, warmth, loyalty, character, honesty, integrity, passion, responsibility, generosity, courage, open-mindedness, patience, and romantic ability. I'd like my partner to be prudent, capable, flexible, and down-to-earth. It would be awesome to find someone who is looking for a commitment. You will really intrigue me if you dream of a simple life. Physically, I am most selective about my partner's endowment. I would never consider dating someone who is arrogant. I'll think, "Finally! This is the one!" when I meet someone who After reading this, you may think that I am looking for someone too good to be true. Not really. However, I want a partner who would be a wonderful partner. If you think that we would be a good match, I would love to hear from you! If this sounds like you, then write away and make my day!

Want To Find:A man ages 37 to 53 to date
Interests:Didn't Say

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