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Single Men Easton, Pennsylvania, PA, Light Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes
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 Location:Join now to chat!
 Zip Code:18042
 Age:33, Aries
 Height:6 ft. 0 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Light Brown, Hazel
 Education:High School
 Income:Less than $25,000
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No

About Me
My name is Jeff this is my second time on this site.The first time was a good round and but im back here cause things didnt work out ha. well i guess here a little about myself. im a very outgoing person, i tend to put other before myself. im very giving person but people usely end up walking all over me. ha one of this day it will turn out how i want it to but until then im not changing who i am cause i mean well. im a very affectionate person, im a hopeless romantic and not afraid to show it. either you love it or hate it. if so i guess that suck ha. idk i like to think of myself as a very opening minded person. i put alot of though into what im think about at that moment. guess that what make me different. now im going to say something that ive been getting alot of on here cause people like to Judge a book by it cover. im not a party boy or a guy who collect women like it a sport. im a one man and one women kind of guy no tag team here sorry ah. i really dislike when people judge me by my pic. but on the upside = ) im a very caring person and im one of tho guy that will go out of my way to help a person out. i like to be as positive as i can be. even threw the tough time in life. umm something i like to do ( Hobbies ) lol i love to Gaming alot only cause gaming as been one of tho things in life that help me get threw some tough times and they help me learn how to read as silly as that sound. plus it not just me sitting in front of the tv. to me an an art style that you control an it something im very passionate about. the other is music i love music as much as gaming. but when it not that i love to jam on my guitar im still learning so im not that great = ). and i like to have my social life and hangout with my friends and maybe go to a pub or just kick back at there place or my and just watch some stuiped stuff lol. and im a huge wrestling dork lol is something ive been watch since i was 2 with my uncle but ever since he past away it something that make me feel close to him. i know and i will agree with you it not as good as it use to be back in the day and it has it really chessy moment but i still like to watch it and going to one is really alot of fun. I wouldnt mind bring my gf to one ; p . i also love the outdoors cause i love to go hiking and ill be starting in a few weeks = ] totally pump just love being in nature hearing the birds and standing next to a waterfall just put me at peace. and i do like to cook i use to be a su chef but it more something i like to do when im with someone = p. so there a few of my hobbies. some people may like them some wont ha that why there my hobbies ha and if you like me for them then you are AWESOME = ) .

So what am i looking for well ........... some one who is affectionate someone who loyal , honest and know how to vent and talk to me when there something on there mind. im looking for long term. i want a girlfriend so i can build memories with and hopefully build a life with as well. but most of all i want someone who know what they want and will stand by myside know matter how rough things get it how we grow as one. and i need someone who kind hearted and understand. i just want someone who love to have a good time. and dont mind holding hands cause at the end of the day i want an amazing girl that i can be proud to call my Girlfriend = ] .

Well there a little about myself and what im looking for well if there anything else you want to know you ask im pretty honest and dont mind awswering questions. well i hope to here from you soon. and if im not your cup of Tea ; ) happy hunting

Want To Find:A woman ages 21 to 30 to date
I Like:
kung fu, trapt, Xbox

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