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Single Men Williamsburg, Virginia, VA, Black Hair, Brown Eyes
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 Location:Join now to chat!
 Zip Code:23185
 Age:35, Sagittarius
 Height:5 ft. 10 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Black, Brown
 Politics:Didn't Say
 Education:High School
 Income:$50,000 - $75,000
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:Yes, living with me

About Me
Happy mothers day to all the moms holding ut down with the tougest and most rewarding job in america.... lJust got here from Hawaii nov 26th 2011- i am 28 military hispanic was looking for someone to enjoy this new chapter in my life with. i sometimes go dancing and clubbing here and there cause i love to dance ,sorry iam not the kind of guy that likes to hold the walls up in a night club, you will find me ON the dance floor. i love music its a passion of mine, i go thru phases with music and right now iam totally into R&B, 90's and pop are always good too, hip hop or rap will never be off my ipod, with some occasional country. i love soccer, coaching and playing are both passions i have when iam not at work or fishing with my speargun.

things i like-

80's movies to name a few: breakfast club, funny farm, the secret to my success, goonies, lil monsters, back to the future, the last starfighter, terminator, short circut, who framed roger rabbit, BIG, and the xmas story..... alot more too..
-paint ball
-old school gaming like nintendo LOL
-the butterflies you get when you like someone and you find out they like you too LOL

let me describe one of my latest passions spearfishing, not alot of ppl get a chance to do it and iam fortunate that the military sent me to hawaii and i was able to find my newest addiction. so the wet suit is optional cause hawaii waters are so warm to begin with. you get some friends together and swim from the beach and get to see all kinds of kool fish the kind you would see in Finding NEMO!!!! lol and well you go out to about 40ft drops thats the furthest i have ever been and its a rush. the pressure on your face can be a bit annoying but going to the ocean floor makes you for get the feeling once you see octopus, eels, sting rays, sea turtle, and jelly fish. yes i worry about sharks but thats also part of the adrenalin rush.(i have yet to see one though)and you take a deep breathe and dive down and its kool cause i have been down there and amazed by the colors of some fish that i forgot that i need oxygen and well lets just say i was making a mad dash to the surface for air. and when you see a fish that you want to spear it takes alot of patience. you cant rush and just think your going to hit it you have to stalk it for a bit and then when he gives you a good shot you have to take it. its such a rush catching fish that are the size of your torso. we had 6 guys fishing on this one trip and we only caught 8 fish but it was enough to feed 14 ppl awesome BBQ that night.

i love going to vegas, i like to gamble but i also enjoy the shows! i am from TX origanally. i have the best relationship with my parents, my littlest brother is also a marine. i have children, if thats an issue then i understand they arent for every one and it takes alot to deal with a man that has children by another woman. um lets see iam kind of just winging it now so if you would like to know anything else about me just ask. i enjoy messaging and getting to know ppl, iam currently in a point in my life where i can be me. i am divorcing my spouse and we are actually great friends just we fell out of love with eachother. so now we r wrapping that part of our life up.... Just want to be honest with anybody who responds to this ad. i have a very high energetic life, hardly ever a dull moment and when there is i am not above dusting the cobb webs off the PS3. what i am looking for friends or a friend to fish or snorkel with or go out to dinner with, dance with or just go to a movie with it. its slightly awkward going by yourself... NOT looking for a woman trying to get back at there loved one, i dont need the drama! HONESTY up front saves headaches LATER!!!!

Want To Find:A woman ages 23 to 39 to date
I Like:
brazilian jiu jitsu, dancing, how i met your mother, kids, occasional xbox, paintball, quads, soccer, spartacus, spearfishing, true blood, ufc

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