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Single Women Kernersville, North Carolina, NC, Red Hair, Green Eyes
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 Location:Join now to chat!
 Zip Code:27284
 Age:26, Aries
 Height:5 ft. 9 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Red, Green
 Body:Above average
 Religion:Not Religious
 Education:Some College
 Income:Didn't Say
 Job:Full-Time Student
 Smoke:Smoke Occasionally
 Has Kids:Yes, living with me

About Me
Names Ashley, a few select people call me Naynay.
I am 20 years young.
I believe in God.
Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I have a beautiful baby boy.
Logan Alexander Justus, Feb. 2nd, 2011.
I am first and foremost a mother, nothing will change that, my son is my world.
I am shy.
I have a hatred, for the word m****.
I am not what you have been told, get to know me first.
Keep drama away from me, I'm allergic
I know what pain is.
I have a real addiction for facebook, and texting.
Music is my thing, it would be a challenge for you to find me without my headphones in.
I have a droid, which instantly makes me cooler.
I'm tall, probably taller than you.
I always feel inferior.
Sex isn't a topic I am comfortable with.
I smoke cigarettes, and I don't plan to stop.
I am not over my past, BUT I am working on it.
I love the colors purple, and black.
I like my music loud, and my cars even louder.
I can work on a car like a dude.
I am a daddy's girl, even if he isn't here anymore.
I really always settle for far less than what I deserve.
Cows are my favorite animal.
I am addicted to soda.
I am terrified of heights.
I hate clowns.
I have a major love for carbs.
Hot, flat soda...yumm.
I have no earthly idea what I want to be when I grow up.
I still listen to Britney Spears.
I still count on my fingers for simple math problems.
My son is the #1 man in my life.
Just because, I am single doesn't mean I am looking.
I dance like a white girl
I have a alter ego, her name is Boncresha.
I ask far too many questions, and never have enough answers.
I do not like Obama.
I believe a name isn't compleate without WakaFlocka.
I will remix any song.
Hairbrushes make the best microphones.
I am far to old for my age.
BUT, I can act far less than my age.
I am a geek.
I listen to love songs, constantly.
I really have way to much stress.
It makes me pissed, when people try to justify abortion.
I believe everybody would be happier with a pepsi, in their hand.
I am still head over heels, in love with My childs father.
My daughter will be named Reagan Annleigh.
I am terrifed of loosing people, so I hold on far to tightly.
I really love, when my son smiles.
I am perfectly okay, with not being perfect.
If knowledge is power, I am the weakest person I know.
When I try to act perfect, I fail ten times more.
I am discovering who I am.
I like to use the word pancake, when it is extremely unneeded.
I daydream, but cannot ever recall having a dream at night.
Mushrooms are sickening.
I am random.
Out of all the winnie the pooh charchters, Owl is my FAVoRiTE.
I don't like bacon. It is sick nasty.
I am a cat person.
I LOVE the show pretty little liars.
I want tattoo's.
If you message me, telling me that I'm sexy, and asking me for my number, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET IT.
I am learning something new everday.
I ramble.
I hate hate hate watching movies.
I wanna go skating.
I love my best friends.

Want To Find:A man ages 20 to 35 to date
Interests:Didn't Say

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