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Single Men Littleton, Colorado, CO, Dirty Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
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 Zip Code:80127
 Age:29, Capricorn
 Height:6 ft. 0 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Dirty Blonde, Blue
 Politics:Didn't Say
 Education:Associate's Degree
 Income:Less than $25,000
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No

About Me
I am beginning to redefine who I am and what exactly I want out of life. I have started noticing, in recent relationships, that I am settling into a very future oriented point of view. I want more than a 1-6 month relationship. I am beginning to see what I want out of life, and part of that is a productive partnership. Women who are not comfortable in their own shoes and women who withhold affection/attention, need not apply. I mean no offense by this, but I am weary of dating younger women who don't really want the warmth of a solid relationship in their lives.

You could call me superficial, but being attractive is a must. I have never felt right about dating anyone who I don't have a physical attraction too. It makes it difficult to get past the friends stage.

I am going to school, and have an associates of science. I wanted to leave my options open because I want a career that I love. I won't simply surrender to something just to get paid well, or poorly, and be miserable. I want a career that pays the bills and also gives me that joy. Physics is a huge interest. I even attempted to out think Einstein. Let's just say that was a massive failure I learned from quickly. It brought me down to political science and astronomy. I have a passion for both. You want to know my political affiliation though? I have none. The system sucks and needs a change. I want to be part of the generation that does something about it.

I played hockey and had a pro contract offered to me. Things fell through because of a dozen different things, including injury. If you really want to know more, you're welcome to ask, it is a lonnng story!

I enjoy intimacy very much. Even if that means curling up on the couch and watching a movie! I believe there is immense power in human touch and we should not deprive ourselves of this.

You may find I am particularly articulate, I have a thing about grammar. People with poor grammar drive me nuts, and sorry, but I view it as a sign of lack of intelligence.

There's a lot to know about me! Bottom line, I love being active, I won't ever pass up a hike on a gorgeous day! I love doing things with friends and letting loose from time to time! I won't ever pass up free tickets to the rockies, avs, well any denver sports team. People, I love life and want to share it. Who knows what's on the other side? All we know is that we have this moment, and I am definitely doing something with mine!

Want To Find:A woman ages 18 to 29 to date
I Like:
Books, comedy, ho's ready for hangover 2! I l, of course the hangover, ot a fan of chick flicks unles, ot excluding a wedding cake!, Sail...I like offbeat stuff :), will come back to...sci-fi fo