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Single Men Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK, Black Hair, Brown Eyes
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 Location:Join now to chat!
 Zip Code:73160
 Age:34, Gemini
 Height:5 ft. 10 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Black, Brown
 Education:Some College
 Income:$25,000 - $50,000
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No

About Me
The word or phrase that best describes my personality

T he best or worst lie I've ever told
I applied for a job and lied about my experience. I did not
anticipate actually getting the job so i ended up staying
up a few nights before my actual start date studying and
learing about it.

Fill in the blank: _____ is sexy; _____ is sexier.
grey is sexy black is sexier

My most humbling moment
Earlier this year I had my first close relative pass and
that was a very humbling moment.

The last thing that made me laugh out loud
Last thing that made me laugh out loud was this video online
somewhere titled "the Jag-off" funny video
and its nothing dirty haha.

If I could be anywhere right now
I would like to say Europe backpacking and traveling.

If I was given a million dollars
I would put some of it away for a rainy day and then I would
use the rest to travel.

Five items I can't live without
This is a tough question.... my shades, mp3 player, my truck,
guitar and last would be sketch book

The role religion plays in my life
Religion is important to me but not mandatory. I think religion
has helped me in many ways and i would like to find some one
who shares similar beliefs and morals.

My personal motto or creed
not sure

My personal style
Not sure if I have a personal style. I am Originally from
CA so much of my style is influenced by that. I am a casual
surf style enthusiast.

The celebrity I resemble the most
I am not sure I have never been told I resemble a celebrity.

Body art
No body art as of yet. Not sure if its for me.

Favorite item of clothing
I wear these micro fiber boxer briefs made by Under Armor
that are insanely comfortable. Other than that i would
have to say my 5year old quiksilver jeans.

In my bedroom one will find...
In my bedroom you will find Photography all over a salt water
fish tank, a desk and my bed, a bookshelf filled with some
of my favorite books and mags.

In my refrigerator one will find...
Lots of bottled water, Fruit milk and eggs....cant think
of anything else i usually keep in there.

I have 2 Red Ear sliders (Turtles) and a few salt water fish.

The pace of my life is best described as:
My life is always in quick motion I try to keep busy and am
always venturing onto trying new things.

What I like - or dislike - about what I do for a living
I like to work with people, the dislike would be people have
bad days.

The type of family I come from
I come from a non-traditional Mexican family, I have a sister
and brother. I am the oldest. Even though I am half way across
the country from them we are a close family and enjoy each
others company.

The amount of fame and fortune I've achieved in my life is...
No fame and well the fortune is not there either haha. I was
previously a Realtor in CA and things were excellent for
some time. The Real Estate market took a dump and so I had
to move on. I lived off of my savings for about 7 months and
that was no fun. Not much fortune left after that.

My favorite way to spend a weekend
This is a hard question because I enjoy the outdoors as much
as I enjoy staying home and cooking watching a movie and

If I could take a class on any subject, it would be...
I enjoy history but i have interest in many subjects so it
would be a tough choice.

The sports I play, and the sports I watch
I surf, snowboard, and enjoy just about any sport. I watch
Baseball and college football and other than that it would
be Extreme sports.

My most unusual or impressive skill
Not sure???

The last great book I read
The Alchemist was the last book that I read and it was very
inspirational and one of the reasons why I ended up in Oklahoma.

In my stereo right now, you'll find...
Sublime, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix and The Roots. I
loke all kinds of music!

5 albums I can't live without
I have to get back to this one its hard to pin point just 5.

The best movie I saw this year
No Country for Old men was a good flick I would have to say
that is the only movie seen this year.

Movies which spend the most time in my DVD player

Shows I Tivo (or would)?
Baseball Tonight

Favorite on-screen sex scene
Not sure on this one I will have to get back to it.

Activities I'd enjoy on a date
Picnic at a park, or a museum tour, dinner or going to a sporting

A date should be planned
I have been working on being better at planning but being
random is too much fun at times.

On a first date, I expect
Fun fun fun!!!!

Want To Find:A woman ages 21 to 25 to date
I Like:
art, Baseball, cook outs, cooking, family, movies, music, photography, snowboarding, Sports, surfing, traveling