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9/5/17 11:23 AM 

Houston, TX

This afternoon, I went over to the local Bass Pro Shop to get a 9mm handgun for home/personal protection. When I was ready to pay for the pistol and ammo, the cashier said, "Strip down, facing me."

Making a mental note to complain to the NRA about the gun control wackos running amok, I did exactly as she had instructed.

When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally subsided, I found out she was referring to how I should place my credit card in the card reader!

As a 60+yrs citizen, I do not get flustered often, but this time it took me a while to get my pants back on.

I've been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

They need to make their instructions to seniors a little more clear.

I still don't think I looked that bad! Just need to wear underwear more often...

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9/5/17 11:44 AM 

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9/5/17 4:10 PM 

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Green Bay, WI
online now!

I usually get in some trouble when I don't wear mine underwear

9/5/17 5:04 PM 
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9/10/17 11:14 PM 

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Gotta a woman who don't wear panties! Easy Access!

9/10/17 11:29 PM 

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Cameron, LA

Quote from jinxthejuvy11:
Gotta a woman who don't wear panties! Easy Access!

Easy Access Indeed!