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2/12/17 9:26 AM 

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi there, I am Jess from Fort Lauderdale area. I have been out of work for many months. I am good at being a personal assistant and love social media. I did social media work for a company for a year and a half. Now just looking for work from home opportunties or near by work.

Also looking for good lifelong friends.

Nice to meet you all reading this posting...

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2/12/17 8:18 PM 

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Martin, TN

There's tons of work in Florida, (only reason I moved here) of all kinds and I would think you being a freelancer, you would have no problem at finding work... You have to be tenacious if you're saying you want to start your own business... Just do it... Not just hoping you can find work. I started my own cleaning service within the first year, (at the age of 46 then) I was here and it has been very successful..
Why would you be seeming work on a dating site anyway? Be ready for some of the other replies you might get....J/S....

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2/12/17 8:24 PM 
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Assumption, IL

Let it die, OP.

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