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1/19/17 8:06 AM 

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Even fwb cost money. Figured the could be more fun and put bull shit aside. Yes?

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1/19/17 9:44 AM 
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Assumption, IL

First of all -- it will not "work".

You are willing to expend monies to gain FWBs but you label ALL females WH*RES!?!

You're a sick f**ker that deserves every veneral disease you have.


1/19/17 12:59 PM 

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Green Bay, WI

I am pretty sure this will work on one of the 3.5 Billion women in the world.

1/19/17 10:20 PM 
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Stockbridge, GA

Some wh*res, don't like being called out
as being wh*res.

1/20/17 11:07 AM 
Over 10,000 Posts!!! (276,202)
Assumption, IL

1/21/17 6:32 AM 

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Rio Rancho, NM

Only time will tell, if you get responses from women interested in what you're offering then I guess so, if not well then there's also your answer.
Good luck

1/24/17 9:02 AM 

Columbus, GA

Fwb for me is strictly for sex. If we go out, dutch. Sometimes women feel like if they give us sex we should give monetarily as in taking them out and paying for things. In that I feel they are benefiting more. So paying money puts them on the plus side, not the equally beneficial arrangement. Glad I got a good one now.

[Edited 1/24/2017 9:05:30 AM ]

2/8/17 8:08 PM 
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Jackson, GA

if you have to pay for it,shes sort of a hooker,or expendature,i never have and never will,an i wont beg or ask,they all just come to me,allways easy and allways good......im extremely confident and know how to treat people,allways..

2/9/17 10:19 PM 
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San Francisco, CA

You get what you pay for.

2/18/17 2:38 AM 

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Bonaire, GA

I only date hookers , who accept canned goods verses cash.

2/20/17 4:08 PM 
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New Port Richey, FL

Still f**kin' yo mom, OPie?

2/21/17 4:04 PM 
Over 10,000 Posts!!! (276,202)
Assumption, IL

it worked on 1,OP...

3/4/17 12:08 AM 

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Picher, OK

Well at least your honest and aren't playing games.

3/4/17 8:41 AM 

Shelby, NC

Quote from thread_killer:
Some wh*res, don't like being called out
as being wh*res.


3/5/17 7:07 PM 
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Bat Cave, NC

Merc just told me in an email that me and her can be friends.

3/12/17 1:55 PM 

Over 4,000 Posts! (4,661)
Bonaire, GA

..but youl have to swim to Australia...to reap the benifits.

3/12/17 2:06 PM 
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Fargo, ND

3/13/17 7:44 AM 

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Fort Payne, AL

No, it won't work.

They are pretty smart around here and can tell a 5 minute man when they see one..