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Finding a genuine lady is difficult
by Splashdaddy at 11/21/2016 1:42:35 PM

I am a widower for three years now, and I find the posts on here confusing and somewhat of a letdown. Ladies post on here they want someone honest sincere, loyal, and then because you live in another town "duh", they blow you off, or use that as a reason to blow you off. Also they state that how much money you make or what you drive isn't important, then when you answer those questions honestly, guess what blown off again. I don't want much in life, I've had a lot, but now due to circumstances that were of a life importance, I have changed my priorities. They are, an honest loyal woman that is willing to accept me for who I am and I her, an opportunity to show that I am a decent human being willing to put in my 50% into a relationship, and communicate to solve any issues that arise. I would like to share my past experiences and create new ones with a lady,(and I do mean a lady), gold diggers and scammers can not bother to waste their time, because I maybe simple in what makes me happy and what I would like out of life, but " I ain't the neighborhood idiot, and will kick you to curb in an instant. To put it in perspective, if you would like honesty, integrity, loyalty, communication, sharing and commitment, drop me a line!


11/21/2016 6:28:50 PM

As an 84 year old you can imagine how hard it is to find a lady that is able to walk on her own, without a walker or aid of some sort. I find I am better off alone and have lunches with the church members. I don't want to take on anyone else's burdens at this stage of my life, and maybe that is how ladies feel about us as well.

online now!
11/21/2016 7:25:20 PM

I find I am still having to raise their kids .not willing to do that, I too would rather meet new friends and have outings.

11/21/2016 11:27:03 PM

better luck running your grocery cart into a woman at supermarket than these shitty date sites.

11/21/2016 11:30:01 PM

Wow, nice post, I know how you feel in the same as well at least your standing up to what you want in your life good for you and your a man that's for sure hope you do meet someone as for me my hope is starting to slowly die, have a nice Thanksgiving and try to hang in there.

11/22/2016 1:47:22 AM

Not trying to criticize or judge, but WHY would you answer such a question as how much you make, or what you drive... Especially IF the woman had claimed it was not important? That (the question) in itself would raise a red flag for me. Especially IF we had not even met yet. But to the point of your thread, Datehookup is NOT the best place to find someone. There are better sites to really get serious about meeting someone. Some of them cost, but there are some that are reasonably priced (Match, etc.) and some others that are free (POF, etc.) but better than this place. This site is not managed at all. Functions do not work and it is infested with fake profiles and scammers. If you take it as only entertainment, you may find some casual friends. I do not recommend it for more that that. Good Luck!

11/22/2016 4:48:30 AM

Nice upbeat kinda Guy.. @forever.... Happy Turkey day to you and yours.

11/22/2016 5:29:47 AM

And to you Yets. You did not answer my email/msg, but I believe you found your missing dog on FB (is that correct?) Hope so.

11/22/2016 11:02:30 PM

^^^^^^^ what a beautiful turkey. i want the breast first.