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Fat Cow Jill aka Clownie is Back
by fu_gazi at 10/7/2016 3:20:18 PM

I ran into her the other day.

I was skating this spot and I recognized her.

She didn't see me.

So I sneaked up on her and cow tipped the fat bitch.

I took off running and all I heard was "moooooo moooo"


10/7/2016 3:21:12 PM

Here she is

10/8/2016 7:49:46 AM

What happened to " Try being nice for once"? Oh yea, your * disclaimer. Thug life... isn't that how Tupoc got killed...Cow tipping?

10/8/2016 1:44:14 PM

Look at this cow ....she tipped herself over

10/10/2016 8:28:55 AM

Clowning has issues. I don't know what I did to piss her off so much....oh yeah, wait a second...I made a miss piggy profile and I guess she took offense her.... not everyone gets my humor I guess.