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As requested
by fu_gazi at 10/2/2016 7:14:50 PM

As requested (yeah that's me doing my thing , Sat. skate sesh )


10/2/2016 7:36:04 PM

Nice. Makes me want to join.

online now!
10/2/2016 7:44:25 PM

Very kool!

10/2/2016 8:05:51 PM

Go skate Cafe ....you're never to old Skateboarding is fairly new ....it was invented in the 50's or 60's but it wasn't until the 70's that it became like a thing. So the oldest of the skaters now are in their 50's and still shred The skaters I looked up when I was a kid are still skating , Rodney Mullen , lance mountain Tommy Guerrero , the hawk . They've hit 50 0r are pushing it. Some of the best skaters right on the planet are 40-ish Eric Koston, Daewon Song, Bob Burnqist Look at this old dude ...probably stops at McDonald's for breakfast and gets his senior discount then goes and shred on a skateboard Cafe just make sure you use plenty of poly grip , you wouldn't want your dentures falling out when you skate. .....hahaha ...just f.ucking with you cafe you know I razz everyone ..I know your kind of old ...you hit 70 yet

10/3/2016 3:34:50 AM

Good morning fu, this is so cool, my Godson has to see this. His little Butt can't stand up long enough before he hits the ground . AUUUUUUSH

10/3/2016 8:45:45 AM

Haha... Now we know what you look like ( kinda).My first skateboard was a hand me down from about 1960. I remember totally restoring it and riding it to the store every weekend. You've probably seen the type,just a solid oak board shaped more like and old surfboard. Skateboarding exploded when I was in highschool, the style of the board really changed,we even made them in wood shop class The introduction of all the new materials to make the wheels was amazing at the time.

online now!
10/3/2016 10:20:41 AM

hey fu. cool shots. I remember seeing on tv they showed jan and dean recording the sound of skatebording with guy holding mike stand for the ' sidewalk surfing song " had the early crude one way back then, I remember hitting a pothole in the road and busting my a** . thanks for sharing. think I will stick to horseback riding now .

10/3/2016 7:03:50 PM

I like your humour. Thanks for the encouragement. That old coot looks good now.